Frequently asked Questions

What is Premium Web Hosting

Premium Web hosting is a shared hosting service which is used to publish your content online using a website on the internet. This is done mostly using a server.

What is 30 Day moneyback

Enjoy 30 days free without any cancellation charges. After 30 days pay only for the days you have used.

Example: You have used our hosting plan for 30 days and at 30th day you are cancelling our plan no charges you have to incure. And if you cancel after 30 days we will charge for a month and then refund you your money.

How it works

Option A
We give you FTP access to our server and database access and you can upload your required files

Option B
You give your files and database and we will upload that for you


Which control panel you provide

As of now we are working on a Control Panel, once it is done we will ship it to our customers

What all you need from me

Your Files either of php or html and sql database . For wordpress users the zipped files and access to sql files.

We will provide you FTP access also as well as Database access.